Summer Worship Follow Along
June 3, 2018, 6:00 AM

Sunday, June 3 - Activate the Power of Healing

Read Scripture – John 5: 1-9a

Keep in Mind Scripture – Luke 4: 40

Reflection Questions:

In first century, physical dysfunction was code for spiritual illness. In our time, what is problematic about this way of thinking? Do you think there is ever a connection between physical ailments and spiritual wellness? Why or why not?

Considering the components in the partnership of healing, what can you conclude about your role in working toward God’s intention of health and well-being for the whole world?

How do you define compassion? Is it merely an emotional response to a person or situation in need of healing, or is it something more?

How might you and our faith community respond by being agents of compassion creating healing and hope?

What is the most important new spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical practice for which you need to get up, pick up, and walk to achieve for health?

Where is God calling you to heal, teach , preach, redeem, and restore that which is broken, struggling, or suffering in the world God loves?