Summer Worship Follow Along
June 17, 2018, 7:47 AM

June 17 - Transitions

Deuteronomy 34:1-12 and Joshua 1:1-9


What areas of your life are you experiencing transition? Changing schools, changing jobs, graduating, retiring, new diagnosis, new baby, loss of spouse, etc…

In these transitions, where are you experiencing grief? Where are you experiencing hope?

In the midst of transition, how do you honor your past and offer encouragement for the future.

What struggles do you foresee and how can you overcome your fears?

Where is God at work in the transition with you?


June 3, 2018, 6:00 AM

Sunday, June 3 - Activate the Power of Healing

Read Scripture – John 5: 1-9a

Keep in Mind Scripture – Luke 4: 40

Reflection Questions:

In first century, physical dysfunction was code for spiritual illness. In our time, what is problematic about this way of thinking? Do you think there is ever a connection between physical ailments and spiritual wellness? Why or why not?

Considering the components in the partnership of healing, what can you conclude about your role in working toward God’s intention of health and well-being for the whole world?

How do you define compassion? Is it merely an emotional response to a person or situation in need of healing, or is it something more?

How might you and our faith community respond by being agents of compassion creating healing and hope?

What is the most important new spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical practice for which you need to get up, pick up, and walk to achieve for health?

Where is God calling you to heal, teach , preach, redeem, and restore that which is broken, struggling, or suffering in the world God loves?

May 27, 2018, 12:00 AM

Sunday, May 27 - Activate the Power of Prayer

Read Scripture – Joshua 3: 1-8

Keep in Mind Scripture – Luke 6: 12

Reflection Questions:

Name an important decision that you believe you will be required to make within the next three to six months. How will you prioritize prayer to seek God’s best instead of your own best?

In your opinion, what does it mean that expectation determines outcome?

Where might low expectations be holding you back from experiencing God’s miracle?

Faith means trusting God even when the answer appears to be no. Can you name a time when the answer to your prayers seemed to be no? What were the circumstances? How did you react, and what was the impact, if any, on your faith?

Seeing God in the everyday makes it easer to trust God when facing a crisis. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? When, if ever, has this been your experience?

Are you struggling to experience the power and promise of God in your prayer life? Where have you witnessed God’s miracle in the past, so that you can revisit that place for a time of focused prayer and listening for God?

Name three or four “day-to-day” miracles in your life. Take time each morning this week to thank God for these miracles.

Where is God inviting you to be part of God’s restorative purpose, God’s coworker in bringing about extraordinary miracles that redeem the lost and set the oppressed free?

How will you transform your prayer life in your journey with Jesus by waiting, obeying, expecting and acting?