Summer Worship Follow Along
July 2, 2018, 12:00 AM

Healing Hands: Bring Life

Scripture: Mark 5: 21-43

  • Where is there long-term illness and/or death in your circle of family and friends?  Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally, etc…
  • How have crowds (others) interrupted healing or mislead the possibility of healing?
  • Jairus was part of the crowd pushing the unnamed woman away, and he was there to ask for help for his own daughter. How do we expect Christ to respond to our needs in the midst of others needs? Are you resentful or patient?
  • Jairus was told that it was too late, his daughter was dead. How do you hold onto faith, when God does not show up on your time table?
  • Jesus’ life, along with his death, grants life-changing healing. It is a healing authority that crosses boundaries, both ethnic and gender. Jesus chooses not to leave people in the conditions in which he finds them. Do we? Can we as a Christian community alter the conditions of people’s lives? Can we too bring healing into troubled circumstances? Must we not also cross boundaries of comfort, apathy, race, gender, etc…to advocate for life-giving meaning and change?
  • Where can we bring life?